YOGA with Frede

Niveau Intermediate
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Beschrijving Prana Vinyasa Flow is a creative, dynamic and powerful yoga style. Using your breath all poses are connected with each other. Beginner but you want to join the intermediates? Come join us! The sessions always include "kramas": different options within a pose, so that everyone can find his or her own personal workout/niveau intensity respecting the boundaries of your own body. Any restrictions? Let me know and you will get personal cues. What do you need: a (yoga)mat, a blanket (or cosy pullover) and if you have yoga blocks. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat! >>You can join the class online, using following link in your browser:<< My yoga sessions on Thursdays are donation based, so that everyone, also people in financially less favorable conditions can join too. However, as energy exchange, I would warmly welcome some contribution. So if you feel like supporting a small yoga business please don't hesitate to donate according to your income and possibilities (suggestion 5-15€): BE 28 8919 3403 3420
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