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Pilates is an exercise system which focuses on control, coordination, balance and awareness of the mind and body. Even though it is a full body exercise system a slight emphasis is given to body core.

All you need is a mat to join. If you are a beginner, do not worry, the course starts from scratch, advancing gradually. Be aware that the course will be online. Also, keep always in mind that during the sessions I only demonstrate the exercises and try to explain them the best possible way, a follow along way. Therefore, i cannot correct any wrong body positions and postures, so try to take it easy and stay always focused. If you have any injury, once again take it easy and be twice as careful.

We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19.00 pm (CET).

The link for meeting is the following: https://framatalk.org/9fl4jj64iuzo86


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