Kung Fu (Wei Jia or external)

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Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art that developed into a sophisticated art of precise body and mind control. Expect to, not only improve your fighting skills, but develop an overall health and fitness of your body, mind and spirit. We work on improving your physical strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and movement patterns. Ultimately, however, Kung Fu is not about fighting an opponent. Kung Fu is a way to self-mastery.

The teachers, Kian Syaifoel and Ruben Warrinnier, are eager to share the arts with the world but aren’t kung fu masters. They are students themselves of Master Lo (www.kungfuleuven.be). The classes at Open Gym should therefore be seen as an introduction to Kung Fu for beginners and as an extra moment to train together for artists with experience. For deeper development of your kung fu, we recommend to contact Master Lo himself!

Please register for the course or contact Ruben if you would like to join (0474 83 47 69).

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