Yoga Stretching

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The Yoga stretching (also called Gravity yoga or Science of Stretching) is a mat-based, targeted mobility method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips, and tight hamstrings. These classes are hugely popular all around world because they deliver flexibility results quickly. We do not concentrate only hips, hamstrings and back, but also for shoulders and wrists, which are often neglected. Science of Stretching focuses on long, passive stretches and incorporates standing postures, myofascial release, and a three-pronged approach to nervous system and soft tissue change. Ideal for athletes as runner, joggers, cyclists, cross fitters and everybody who just want to gain (back) her/his/X flexibility. From beginner to intermediate level, no prior yoga experience necessary. This is not Yin yoga, but some poses are common with it.

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