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Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art part of the Neijia system, in which the practitioner attention is directed more "body-inwards" rather than "body-outwards". This kind of "Internal work" gives huge benefits to the body both in the phisical and the energetic dimension. Hence, Taijiquan is a practice for the health of the body and of the mind.

However, Taijiquan is, above all things, a Martial Art. Martial Techniques will be studied not just in a form but also in their application. The purpose is to study Taijiquan in all its dimensions: -Basics of taijiquan (included Qi Gong) -Forms -Martial Applications -Taijiquan Weapons: Stick, Sabre, Sword, Spear, Falchion -Tuishou; Pushing hands -Sanshou (Sanda): Chinese Boxing

Taijiquan was created by Chen Wangting in 1600 in the Chenjiagou village. From this original style of taijiquan other styles were created (Yang, Wu, Sun ecc...). Nowadays, in China there are 4 Great Masters (the 4 Buddha warriors) who represent the original Taijquan from Chenjiagou. One of them is Great Master ChenZhengLei, who created the ChenZhengLei Taijiquan Federation.

Teacher: Niccolò Cividini, 4 Level Instructor ChenZhenLei Taijiquan Federation; Black Belt in Shaolin-Meihuaquan A.M.A; Black Belt in Modern Wushu.

In this course special stage can be organise for other Neijia KungFu styles (like Baguazhang and XingYiquan) and for special weapons (Meteor Hammer, Chains, SanJieGun and ShuangJieGun).

Taijiquan is the martial art of the Taoism philosophy. Taoism is one of the three major traditional philosophy from China, with Buddism and Confucianism. Eastern doctrines principles will be faced during the classes to understand better the Taijiquan fundamentals.

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